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Islamic Khula Registration

Welcome To Sunni Sharia Council If You Would Like To Use Our Khula Service Please Book An Appointment And Provide The Following Details.

1 – Contact the Sunni Sharia Council office on 0121 688 0821 to book a date for your Khula application appointment on every Tuesday’s/Thursday’s between 12pm to 2pm. 

2 – The person applying for Khula MUST bring at least one form of photo ID (A passport or Driving licence bearing accurate and up-to-date details) with them. A proof of residence (Utility bill or bank statement within 3 months) address letter is required.

3 – A fully detailed written and signed/dated true statement will be required at the time of application for the Khula along with a £100 deposit (non-refundable). The total cost of our services will be £350.

4 – A copy of the Marriage Certificate along with the full name/address of the husband and his contact number will be required.

5 – Sunni Sharia Council will write to the person concerned with the details of the applicants alleged statement details, giving the husband opportunity to reply with details of his signed/dated true statement and how the issues can be resolved and what would be an amicable solution to make up or a complete separation. 


1 – Mufti Sahab will look at all of the statements evidence from both parties to come to a decision whether there is sufficient evidence of negligence to grant the Khula to the applicant or try to resolve the differences so that both parties can forget/forgive and try to live together again.

2 – Personnel wishing to apply for the Khula must have tried their very best to ensure that they have fulfilled all Islamic requirements of a husband and wife. This will ensure that an Islamic Khula is valid. Couples who have doubt or uncertainty should consult our scholars, Marriage Bureau advisors or family support service for some friendly and straightforward advice.

3 – A copy of the Khula Certificate granted by the Sunni Sharia Council will be kept in our records for future references, and the 1998 Data Protection Act protects the information/documents.

Useful Contact numbers to book appointment for notice of Khula :

Admin Office : 0121 688 0821

Mobile : 07966 047284 / 07940 709106

Address : Sunni Sharia Council Head Office: 238 Charles Road Small Heath B10 9AA

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