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Business Sponsorship

About the Appeal

We need 700 businesses to donate £1000 to help raise £700,000 to construct the Islamic Centre of Britain!

Phase 3 of the project is well underway and we need our business community to come forward and donate towards the most crucial part of the project. Your sponsorship will support the establishment of mechanical, electrical, construction design and engineering for the whole project.

This ambitious project is envisioned as an architectural marvel, blending classic and modern design. More than a place of worship, it will serve as a hub for social, cultural, youth, and educational activities, encouraging dialogue, interaction, and understanding among all members of our community.

By supporting this historic initiative, you won’t simply be contributing to a physical structure. You will be sowing the seeds of harmony, nurturing stronger communities, and helping shape a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. This is a golden opportunity to create a lasting legacy that will continue to benefit generations!

As the Muslim population of Birmingham City continues its growth, this is an opportunity for you and your business to contribute to a lasting Sadaqah Jariyah project in the heart of the United Kingdom for generations to come.
Donate now and receive your lasting rewards in Jannah, In’Sha’Allah.

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