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Islamic Centre of Britain (ICOB) is an ambitious project of Qadria Trust, a UK registered charity, based in Birmingham (UK). Qadria Trust has been providing many services in the community since 2005. With its expanding services, we look forward to establishing a centre that will provide an Iconic Mosque with space for 2500 people, School for 500 students, Nursery, Community Centre and much more!

ICOB Vision

Icob’s vision encompasses the need to revive the Prophetic model of what a Mosque should be and cater to the needs of its diverse community; including the young and old, men and women, rich and poor and Muslim and Non-Muslim.

The existing premises can no longer accommodate the growing numbers of services and service users. A decision was made in 2009 to create the Islamic Centre of Britain to address the community’s current and future needs. As part of this project, an iconic mosque will be built, a school will serve 500 children, a community centre will be built, a new commercial centre will be developed along with many more services helping our local community.


Our Development In Detail


This is your opportunity to invest in the Islamic Centre of Britain to transform the lives of our future generations

a landmark hub for the community that showcases beauty and modern architecture, In’Sha’Allah!

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