A journey of spirituality to the Muslim
community of Birmingham

From the Nineties

In 1999, Pir Mohammad Tayyab Ur Rahman began teaching Qur’an and Hadith studies at Jamia Masjid, Woodlands Road, Birmingham, where he spent eight years (until 2007). During this time he purchased a building (previously a factory) on Alfred Street in Sparkbrook. He named this Masjid Qadria Trust and in 2007 took on the role of Chairman. Currently there are about 20 teachers and 200 students who attend the Community Education Centre being run by Qadria Trust (receiving education of Hifz-e Quran, Islamic Studies and Nazra). There are also many devotees who attend the five daily prayers in the Masjid run by the Trust. There is a weekly Dhikr Mehfil on Sunday evenings at which food is served to the congregation.

Hundreds of Muslims gather in the Masjid to listen to the holy sermons of Pir Mohammad Tayyab ur Rehman, and many more on social media, with an international audience including Europe, the Middle East, and Indian subcontinent. Currently work is underway to build Masjid Rahmania, a much larger Masjid and Community Education Centre, which will be able to accommodate the growing demands of the Birmingham Muslim community regarding space for congregational prayers and Islamic education of their children, as well as providing many community services promoting social cohesion and interfaith dialogue.

From the Twenties

Following arrival in the UK, Pir Mohammad Tayyab Ur Rahman undertook an English Language course, further Arabic Studies and Computer Programming. In 2011, Pir Sahib attended an Arabic course at the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, and in 2014 he completed a level 3 chaplaincy course at the Nishkam Centre, Handsworth. This was followed by a level 3 business course in 2016, and a week-long intensive course on Taddribull Fatwa at Dar Al-Ifta Al-Misriyya, Cairo in 2017.

Connecting with Humanity

Apart from the Facebook feed for the weekly Sunday Dhikr Mehfils, Pir Mohammad Tayyab ur Rehman regularly featured in religious programmes on Noor TV for 8 years, which included live question and answer sessions in both Pashto and Urdu. Pir Mohammad Tayyab Ur Rahman has also presented many interviews on Madani Channel and live Ramadan programmes on Prime TV. Pir Sahib currently holds the post of Naib Amir (deputy leader) of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat (UK). He has close contact with community leaders both on a local and national level and has very close ties with West Midlands Police. Pakistani ministers and other dignitaries visiting the UK often attend Qadria Trust. Pir Sahib’s father, Hazrat Pir Mohammad Mohib-ur-Rehman Qadri RA regularly visited the UK, and was always very happy with the services his son was providing.

A Spiritual Connection

In around 2000 Pir Mohammad Tayyab ur Rehman Qadri received Khilafat from his father and also grandfather through marriage (Mufti Mohammad Gul Rehman Qadri) in the Qadri Silsila, with chains leading back to Shaykh Sayyid Abdul Qadir Jilani (may Allah be pleased with him) via Taj-us-Shariah, Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan (may Allah be pleased with him), Brehli Shareef. Pir Sahib has performed several Hajj, and performs Umrah on a nearly yearly basis. Every year Pir Sahib receives several invitations to deliver seminars across the world (and has done so in South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Syria (pre-war), Dubai, Morocco, and Pakistan), and he uses these opportunities to spread the true message of love and unity in Islam in light of the teachings of Sufism.

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