Weekly Gatherings

Enlighten your hearts with gems of Prophetic lessons and wisdom

It is our intention to make our weekly gatherings accessible to the whole community (including women, teenages and children) so that everyone can connect to Allah SWT, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and pious and righteous scholars. Pir Mohammad Tayyab Ur Rahman leads our Scholars to illuminate our hearts with gems of wisdom to aid us in our daily lives.


It is encouraged that our community attends these events to help uplift our emotional and spiritual states. A communal gathering has a far-reaching effect. As well as helping us meet new and old friends, they also contribute to our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Alhumdulilah, food is served at our gatherings, giving our attendees time to socialise with each other. Attending events at Qadria Trust is a wonderful way to bring people together, which is what Islam is all about.

The Messenger PBUH came to us and said;

“O People! Feast in the garden of Paradise. “So we said; “O Messenger of Allah (PBUH)! What are the gardens of Paradise?” He said; “The gatherings of remembrance.”

[Hadith: Tirmidhi]

Our current weekly gatherings include:

Gathering of Self-Purification and Meditation

Mehfil Tazkiyat’al Nafs W’al-Muraqabah

Circles of Knowledge and Learning

Halqa-e-Marifat W’al-Taleem

Gatherings throughout the Year

As well as our weekly gatherings, we have gatherings throughout the year commemorating different events throughout Islamic History. These include; Milaad-Un-Nabi, The Battle of Karbala, Ramadan and gatherings in remembrance of the pious and righteous.


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