2 Million Pound Appeal

Build an iconic legacy for future generations

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Donate your share towards the 2 Million Pound Appeal and help build the iconic - Islamic Centre of Britain (ICoB)


ICoB is set to become an iconic, 6 storey feat of modern architecture in Birmingham, that will be so much more than a mosque (masjid). A centre of learning that will embody the ideals and principles advocated for by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). A space where young people will be given the tools to aspire to greatness, our elderly will be looked after and those curious to learn, can build their knowledge taught by the very best. 

Our Muslim community has the capacity to make tremendous contributions to the world around us, and our goal is to ensure everyone is equipped with the skills and support needed to achieve this. The Islamic Centre of Britain will provide a space where individuals can truly excel in a way that benefits their families, communities and future generations to come, Insha’Allah.

Join us, donate and help build an iconic legacy for our future generations!

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said,

“The servant says: My wealth, my wealth! Verily, he only gets three from his wealth: he eats and it perishes, or he wears clothes and they degrade, or he gives in charity and it is stored for him. Whatever is beyond this will depart him and be left behind for people.”

[Sahih Muslim]

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