Educating Our Future

Whoever goes out seeking knowledge is in
the way of Allah until he returns.

[Hadith: al-Tirmidhī]


Education - Educating Our Future

Education is at the heart of our community. At Qadria Trust and Education Centre we aim to provide the highest level of Islamic supplementary education for children.

The key to success of our supplementary education is experienced and dedicated teachers and managers. Our teachers receive training and support to deliver the best, so children can learn in a caring environment. Our children must be in an environment that is healthy and happy for them to flourish. Additionally, we understand that we have to meet the needs of the parents and carers as a team.

To help us ensure that we provide the best Islamic Education, help by donating your Saqadah and Zakat. This will allow us to sustain and improve the education system for future generations.


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