Safe Water

A right for all of humanity

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Safe Water

The world today has two out of three people without access to safe water. It is because of your incredible generosity that we are able to launch life-saving projects for communities across the globe every single day, despite the magnitude of this crisis. You can provide clean drinking water in a variety of ways, from building new wells to providing safe water during times of crisis.

Help quench their thirst

At Qadria Trust, our aim is to help the poorest of families and communities with the basic human right of drinking safe and clean drinking water. A clean water supply reduces the spread of deadly illnesses, puts more children in school, allows more men and women to work, improves agriculture and ultimately revivifies and transforms entire communities.

Help fulfill the basic right of all humanity by giving the right of water.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:

The best charity is giving water to drink

[Hadith: Ahmad]

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